Anonymous: what did you wear to day of the dead?

Last year?

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East of Eden

Fabien Claude - Untitled, 2006               Paintings: Oil on Canvas
Anonymous: what classes did you take during your freshman year in college?

General ed classes

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Anonymous: Have you ever gotten a UTI?

Who hasn’t haha

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Anonymous: I'm a libra too and I'm 19! :)

Wooooo go us 😋

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Anonymous: (Question about the ex) we go back to college in a few weeks and I know that iwill definitely run into him because we have mutual friends. so if he doesn't speak to me by the time we go back to school what do you think I should do? Or if I see him back at school should I even day anything to him? I don't get why he's ignoring me I literally haven't done anything to him at at all.

If you see him just say you need to talk in person and go from there

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Anonymous: I need your advice.. my bf & I broke up about 2 weeks ago and then 2 days after he talked to me saying that he was being stubborn and that he wanted to see if I wanted to work things out. I told him that we should just give each other some time and space to think about things and we would talk again in a week. Well, it’s been more than a week and I've tried texting and calling him to see what's going on and he's ignoring me now. What do I do now? I don't understand why he won't talk to me :(

Honestly i would wait for him to talk to you :/

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Anonymous: so did you and your boyfriend get back together? (I'm asking because I need help with a similar problem)


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Anonymous: How tall are you?


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